Gem Faceting Apprenticeship Program

Gem Faceting Apprenticeship Brochure

PROJECT AFRICA is delighted to offer the first gem faceting apprenticeship program here in Ethiopia (May 2024). This intensive program consists of 900 hours of practical instruction and on-the-job training under the guidance of internationally trained gem cutters.

The program is divided into three levels:

LEVEL ONE (50 hours)

Students will learn everything they need to know about faceting gemstones from basic cutting and polishing techniques to operatiing a faceting machine, dopping, preforming, and glue transfers.

LEVEL TWO (100 hours)

Students will attend classes five times a week for four weeks to receive additional practical gem faceting training.

LEVEL THREE (750 hours)

Students who complete LEVEL TWO will be eligible to receive on-the-job training (5 hours a day, five days a week) working in the WGF Project Africa Ethiopia Lapidary where they will have the opportunity to perfect their skills while receiving a nominal salary.


Those students who complete and pass the entire program and exhibit the ability to professionally facet gemstones will be offered a permanent position in the lapidary.

Don't miss this opportunity to be in this program. The first program is scheduled to start in June 2024.


Gem Faceting Apprenticeship Brochure